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Contact the dedicated Lexington personal injury attorneys at Hare Wynn if you have been injured in a life-changing accident.

Injuries happen at the most unexpected moments. A quick trip to the store. A slip and fall at work. An incident while on a family vacation.When tragedy strikes, it can turn your world upside down, leaving long-lasting health issues and emotional trauma.  Find comfort in knowing that you do not have to face your suffering alone.

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Personal Injury Cases Hare Wynn Handles

If you or someone you love has suffered a severe personal injury, you need the best legal representation that Lexington has to offer. The seasoned attorneys at Hare Wynn have a proven track record of success that spans over a century.

We know how to deliver personalized attention and results that help to cover medical bills, property damages, pain and suffering, and any emotional trauma that you might have suffered from your personal injury.

At Hare Wynn, our personal injury lawyers are able to provide services that cater to victims of:

When you or your loved one has faced a catastrophic injury, you need the experienced and unmatched reputation of Hare Wynn to work for you. Rest assured that our Lexington personal injury attorneys will lift you up and help you recover the compensation you need to begin the healing process.

Contact us today at (859) 550-2900 and start on the path to recovery.

Why Hire Hare Wynn For Your Case

Suffering a catastrophic injury is, undoubtedly, one of the scariest experiences any individual can ever live through. From being overwhelmed with medical bills to dealing with your insurance company or missing substantial amounts of work, your personal injury can lead to a host of issues that you might not understand how to overcome.

That’s where Hare Wynn steps in. Our trustworthy Lexington injury lawyers will guide you through the entire claims process, delivering personalized attention and care until you obtain the compensation you need to take care of medical bills, lost wages, and any lingering pain and suffering you are dealing with.

In order to build a comprehensive case, we work with a team of experts that includes:

  • Medical professionals
  • Investigators
  • Car accident reconstruction experts
  • Engineers

Our attorneys work with a number of teams to prove that negligence was involved. This helps make sure you are paid the full amount you deserved to recover from an injury and pay for damages to your property.

What to Do If You Were Hurt in an Accident

At Hare Wynn, we believe that keeping our clients informed is absolutely essential to developing a strong claim. If you have suffered from an injury, you’ll want to take the following steps immediately after the incident:

  • Seek out medical attention.
  • Contact Hare Wynn.
  • Document how you were injured.
  • Submit an incident report to your insurance company.
  • Try to establish who was at fault.
  • Gather contact information from any witnesses.
  • Continue to obtain medical treatment as needed.
  • Carefully document the process including the medical care you receive and any dealings with insurance companies.

Contact us today at (859) 550-2900 for a free consultation.

How Working With Hare Wynn Can Benefit You

Personal injury claims can become very complex and too challenging for an individual to handle on their own. That’s why securing the legal guidance of a qualified personal injury lawyer is so important to developing a compelling case.

When you choose to work with the Lexington personal injury lawyers at Hare Wynn, you will benefit from a team that:

  • Has a wide range of experience handling claims similar to yours. Our team thoroughly understands Kentucky law, bad faith insurance tactics, and how much your claim is actually worth.
  • Can adequately deal with insurance companies. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not have your best interest at heart. Their goal is to provide you the minimal amount of recovery for your personal injury. Hare Wynn will ensure that you get everything that is owed to you.
  • Can properly investigate your injury and claim. Our team will investigate and prepare your claim, determine liability, obtain relevant evidence, answer any and all questions you may have, negotiate with your insurance company, and successfully represent you in trial if necessary.
  • Will protect you from the bad faith dealings. At Hare Wynn, we know how major insurance companies work and we aren’t afraid to fight back. Insurance companies will try to intimidate you if they believe you are working alone. But with Hare Wynn by your side, they’ll know you mean business.
  • Help to improve your odds of success and obtaining full compensation. A personal injury claim can be a tough battle to prove. But Hare Wynn can give you the upper hand you need to come out on top. Plus, we’ll help to improve your chances of securing a full recovery for your injuries.
  • Our attorneys are not afraid to take your case to trial. Not every personal injury attorney has the experience or skill to take your case to trial. At Hare Wynn, our trial attorneys are ready to represent you in court if your case requires it. Liable parties are much more likely to offer a better settlement when they know you are willing to take your case to trial.

Proving Negligence in a Personal Injury Case

Personal injury accidents tend to occur because a person acted negligently. To prove negligence, our attorneys will establish that:

  • The defendant (liable party) owed you a “duty of care.”
  • The defendant breached the duty of care and failed to act as a reasonable person would have acted in the given situation.
  • You would not have been injured had it not been for the defendant’s duty of care failure.
  • Your injuries are a direct result of the defendant’s failure and not some other cause.
  • The defendant is liable for damages.

Hare Wynn is ready to advocate for you. If you have been the victim of a personal injury, contact us right now at (859) 550-2900 for a free consultation.

Recovery for Your Injuries

Damages are an attempt to measure the financial burden a plaintiff has undergone as a result of the injuries caused by the liable party’s actions. There are several types of damages that can be awarded to a winning plaintiff including:

  • Compensatory Damages – These are damages the defendant must pay for the injuries they caused.
  • Punitive Damages – This form of damage is meant as a punishment to the losing party and are essentially charged as a fine.

It is worth noting that the state of Kentucky places no caps on damages that can be received in a personal injury case. Both economic damages and non-economic damages are uncapped.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your claim, our qualified Lexington personal injury attorneys can help you to recover compensation that includes but is not limited to:

  • Medical Expenses – When you file a personal injury claim, you can fight for compensation to cover not only current medical expenses but also future medical expenses related to your injury.
  • Disfigurement – If your personal injury caused a major alteration to your physical appearance and affects your ability to live a “normal life,” disfigurement damages may be obtained.
  • Property Damage – Hare Wynn will help to recover compensation associated with lost property (ex. your car in a car accident).
  • Pain and Suffering – This compensation covers quality of life changes and will vary from case to case.
  • Emotional Distress and Trauma – Personal injury accidents are traumatic. Our personal injury attorneys will fight to obtain the compensation you need for counseling or other activities that can help to give you back some peace of mind
  • Loss of Income and Future Earnings – Recovery for any lost or future wages if your injury does not allow you to return back to work.
  • Loss of Consortium – Personal injury accidents don’t just affect victims, they also affect your loved ones. This type of compensation helps cover injuries that affect a victim’s ability to interact with their spouse or children.
  • Physical Impairment – Paid to victims of accidents who are no longer able to enjoy activities that they previously did.

If you are considering filing a personal injury claim, be aware that there is a statute of limitation that sets a deadline for filing such a claim. In Kentucky, this deadline is ONE YEAR AFTER the date of the accident (in most cases).

Contact a Lexington Injury Attorney

Failing to file before within a year means you will no longer have the right to file a suit. Do not hesitate to file a personal injury claim. Time is of the essence. Call Hare Wynn right now at (859) 550-2900 or fill out an online contact form to get the process started.

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“Constant Contact”

Couldn’t be more please with my experience with Hare, Wynn, Newell and Newton! I changed my case representation to them after a poor experience with another lawyer and was incredibly happy that I did! Mr. Jonathan Fannin did a superb job on my case resulting in a quick and favorable settlement in my favor. He was in constant contact with me and I was immediately informed on anything going on with my case. Cannot say enough about Hare, Wynn, Newell and Newton! I would highly recommend them!

“Exceptional Work”

Brian Vines did exceptional work for me. Would definitely use this law firm again.

“Very Professional Law Firm”

I had an excellent experience with this very professional law firm. Brian and Matt were very professional and approached my personal injury case with diligence and urgency. They were very good to work with and worked hard to provide me the maximum settlement. I would highly recommend this firm and would use them again if needed.

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