Why is community service important for our firm?

At Hare Wynn, our slogan is “lawyers helping people.” Indeed, we’ve served individuals and families in Kentucky for over 130 years — in the courtroom and the community. Every one of our lawyers and staff members contribute to important community organizations and events that make our city great. We strive to make Kentucky a better place to live through the law and through community service. Check out some of the organizations we support below.

Giving back to the Community

Hare Wynn Represents Family against Brookwood Hospital for Massive Insulin Overdose

We are proud to represent individuals and families who have suffered injuries and losses due to careless medical providers. Hare Wynn represented a young family against Brookwood Hospital over a medical mistake that caused irreversible brain damage to their infant daughter. 

A staff member at the hospital provided the baby with an adult dose of 60 minutes of insulin rather than the 6/10 of a unit for infants—an error that resulted in 100x the amount of insulin ordered. A neurologist called the infant’s MRI “the worst [he had] seen in a living person.” Hare Wynn got the hospital to admit to the error in court pleadings. The case is ongoing.

Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton, LLP Foundation Charities – CURE KY KIDS

Hare Wynn is a proud supporter of Cure KY Kids, a non-profit dedicated to raising funds for childhood cancer research and services in Kentucky. The organization was developed to support children afflicted with cancer and other illnesses. It’s mission is to “work tirelessly to fund lifesaving research . . . and to provide Kentucky’s children suffering from cancer the most advanced and comprehensive support services available.”

The funds it raises are used to support Kentucky’s pediatric cancer centers and other initiatives for children and families battling cancer. Our managing partner, Matt Minner, is a co-founder and board member of Cure KY kids.

Hare Wynn Supports The Higher Academic Summer School’s Mock Trial

Hare Wynn Pediatric Head Injury Awareness Day

Doing Our Part

“The law is at its finest when it protects the weak, It certainly does not exist to protect only the strong.”